Habits that can be the game changer for hair growth

Habits that can be the game changer for hair growth-

Having long, healthy and luscious hair is everyone's dream. But now with so many lifestyle changes hair fall is a problem for a majority of the people. Let us look at some of the habits through which hair fall can be controlled and which also improves the growth of the hair.

1-    Leafy green vegetables to include in your diet

Like any other part of your body, scalp needs nutrients, oxygen and blood flow for good hair growth. Eating leafy green foods with high iron levels helps transport essential oxygen to the scalp. Leafy greens are some of the best sources for iron. You can also consume meats, beans, legumes or lentils to boost your iron intake. Don’t forget about proteins, vitamin A and vitamin C to support healthy hair follicles. Both vitamins keep your hair from breaking off.  Diet can play a key role in helping you achieve healthier, thicker hair. Your hair is made up of mostly protein, so a smart way to keep your hair strong is to eat protein-rich foods. Taking a multivitamin is also important because vitamin deficiencies can potentially causing hair loss.

2- Do Yoga, Exercise or Meditation

Even if you’re hair loss is mostly genetic, symptoms can worsen with stress. It intensifies the damage. Curbing your stress through Yoga, meditation, and exercise is key, especially if you recently experienced a life-changing event. Regular exercise allows sweat to clean out and unclog your hair pores. The exercise will also make you healthier overall which will help you grow longer, stronger locks.
3- Minimize heat styling

 Heat doesn't only damage your hair strands, drying them out .it also can damage your hair follicles too, making them less able to grow healthy hair. So no sitting under dryers, if you must use a hair dryer, only dry the middle third of the shaft, avoiding heat on your roots and tips.”

4- - Quit chemically processing your hair

Why is it so terrible for your hair growth? Well, because chemicals to colour curl or straighten your hair into a non-natural situation do so by breaking and recreating molecular bonds. This is a serious chemical reaction that can be caustic and damaging to the scalp and follicles themselves. After several years of processing, some people lose the ability to grow hair permanently.

5- Break Bad Habits
Smoking reduces circulation, and this includes less blood flow to the scalp. Drinking alcohol and caffeine will hamper the immune system and cause further hair fallout. So break those bad habits for the sake of your hair.
6-Drink water sufficient
Another bad habit to break is not drinking enough water. Staying hydrated is crucial in tissue growth and health. The hair shaft itself is largely made up of water. Set a goal to drink at least 3 to 4 litre each day. Also, avoid carbonated sodas all of which will weaken your immune system and make your hair more likely to fall out.
7- Scalp Massage

Scalp massages help stimulate the hair follicles to increase hair growth, and oils have been shown to prevent hair thinning and balding. Take any carrier oil like olive, coconut, almond, etc. and add a few drops of lavender, rosemary, oil to it. Massage the oils gently into your scalp. Put on a shower cap and leave it for an hour, then shampoo your hair. Follow this remedy once a week. It smells great and is very relaxing, and your hair will look healthier in no time.

8- Wash it right.
Thin hair can be fragile, so it’s important to treat it gently. Before washing make sure that hair is brushed and all tangles are removed. For best results, shampoo your scalp, letting the suds trickle down to the rest of your hair while rinsing off .condition from mid-air to the ends, using a wide tooth comb to spread the conditioner evenly. Just make sure that it won’t weigh down your hair. And remember, hair can be rinsed every day but doesn’t need to be washed. Washing the hair only needs to be done every few days.

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