Can massage therapy really work with weight loss?

Can massage therapy really work with weight loss?

Can massage therapy really work with weight loss?

Have you heard of a weight loss with the help of massage? No? Massages and weight loss may seem unrelated but the recent trend of weight-loss massages can really benefit in losing extra pounds. When accompanied by diet and exercise, massages help speed up the fat-burning process. Apparently, getting a massage is one of the most exhilarating and invigorating things to do.  It also helps in improving the metabolism that further benefits in facilitating the weight-loss plan. Well, let us tell you what it is and how it can help your body.

Improves blood circulation

Blood circulation gets better when you add massage to your routine as it will give you energy and release muscular stress. Massages have proven to be the best way of stimulating blood flow in your body, only a few realize that this is one of the most essential things needed in losing weight. Proper blood circulation actually helps you lose weight because it regulates the metabolism needed by your body to burn enough calories. It also improves the immune function and digestion. Massage creates pressure which forces blood in congested areas to flow. This pressure also allows easy flow of new blood to different body parts.

Increased muscle strength and flexibility

One great and effective way to increase the muscular strengths and flexibility capabilities is through massages. After a workout, our body is in need of necessary nutrients and oxygen. A weight-loss massage boosts blood circulation in the body and regulates the exchange of nutrients between tissue cells and bloodstreams. Generally, massages tend to relax your muscles which enable them to further rest. Such rests are very much helpful in increasing the muscle strength since it is one of the things that they need.

Fat reduction

Massage is the key to reduce fat in the body. Naturally, your body stores fats in capsule-like bodies called “fat cells”. These stored fats are usually the ones responsible for creating excess fat. With the proper massages on these specific areas, you can reduce fat in the body. Fat cells are lumpy pieces of fat, which get deposited under the skin. It is mostly found in the thighs and buttocks area. With a proper massage, fat can get redistributed which will further help in fat cells reduction.

Improve body metabolism

When it comes to weight loss, the body can sometimes be slow to respond to your efforts. In relation to the improvement of blood circulation, it accordingly improves metabolism. The good news is that metabolism can be boosted with massage. Having a great metabolism is one of the keys actually in burning enough calories.  Massage increases metabolism and removes toxins from the body resulting in the enhanced functioning of all body systems.

Removes Toxins

Massage helps activate defences and helps remove toxins, fluid retention, or inflammation. It is a manual therapy with smooth and localized movements to stimulate the lymphatic system. Waste products like lactic acid and carbonic acid may accumulate in our muscles due to workout. A weight-loss massage can help in removal of toxins that slow down muscle development.

Stress Relief

Massage is a great remedy to get rid of stress and anxiety. It relaxes our muscles and calms our mind. It reduces the stress hormones from our body that can make us munch on fat increasing foods such as potato chips, chocolates, etc. Not only are massaging calorie-free and stress-reducing, but you’ll also be happier just anticipating a massage at home from Zeal that evening.

How often should I get a massage?

One of the most common questions is that "How often should I receive a massage?" There are no definite rules with the regularity of massage. For preventative health care, stress relief, and general well-being, weekly massages are recommended. Scheduling regular massages are ideal for those who recognize the benefits and are willing to make it a part of their normal health routine. Massage is a beautiful way to rebalance yourself as a whole, whenever you feel like it. It is wise to put massage therapy into your regular wellness program. Just like exercise and eating a healthy diet, massage therapy will help us stay active and feel more energized.

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  1. Yes of course! Massage Therapy really works too much for physical health. if you get it regularly you can see the advantages in just few days of therapy. its not only helps to feel relax but also is one of the solution for weight loss.


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